Pro Hac Vice -- Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Pay the pro hac vice registration fee to the Board of Professional Responsibility simultaneously with or before filing the motion for pro hac vice admission and supporting documents with the court. Your payment may be made by check ($175.00); or by credit/debit card through the attorney portal (we will send credentials for payment through the attorney portal when we receive your initial registration documentation).
  • Copy of the motion for pro hac vice admission
  • Copy of the affidavit of the attorney seeking admission, including any registration or identifying number associated with the lawyer's licensure. A sample affidavit is provided here.
  • Copy of the certificate of good standing from the court of last resort of the licensing jurisdiction in which the applicant currently practices.
  • Registration fee payment (either by check or through the Board’s attorney portal).
Answer: The registration fee for pro hac vice attorneys is by calendar year. The registration must be renewed on January 1 annually for as long as the case participation continues. No applicant for pro hac vice admission shall be required to pay more than one annual fee in any one calendar year. Note: An attorney seeking pro hac vice admission on additional cases is not required to pay the fee again; however, the applicant must still comply with the filing requirements set forth in Tenn. Sup. Ct. R. 19. Upon notice to the Board that the appearance in a matter is pro bono, all registration fees shall be waived; however, the applicant must still comply with the filing requirements.
Answer: Each pro hac vice attorney who is charging an attorney's fee in the proceeding must pay the fee.
Answer: Yes, the Board of Professional Responsibility will send a notice that the annual registration requirements are due by email only. The email will be sent to the pro hac vice’s registered email address on November 10 for the coming registration year. If the pro hac vice attorney is no longer involved in any matter, he may ignore the registration fee notification and his registration will automatically expire on January 1. If a registered attorney continues his participation in a matter in the new calendar year but does not pay the registration fee, his registration will not be in good standing and he will be listed on our website as expired.
Answer: No, the fee is payable only in cases being heard before trial or appellate courts of Tennessee.
Answer: Pro hac vice admission is granted only by the trial and appellate courts and not by the Board of Professional Responsibility. Listings on the Board's website for pro hac vice attorneys indicate only that application has been made to the court and the applicant is in compliance with Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 19(f) for the calendar year indicated.
Answer: Pursuant to Rule 19 of the Tennessee Supreme Court, attorneys seeking admission pro hac vice must register with the Board of Professional Responsibility for each calendar year as long as their case continues.