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Harris, David Dwayne
300 James Robertson Pkwy
Ste 103
Nashville, TN 37201-1133
BPR Number:
Office County:
Licensed in TN Since:
Law School:
Nashville School of Law

Public Information:

Date Title
08/12/2019 Removed from Disability Inactive Status
02/21/2018 Davidson County Lawyer Remains On Disability Inactive Status
11/20/2017 Davidson County Lawyer Placed on Disability Inactive Status
11/17/2017 Transferred to Disability Inactive Status

Informational Releases for Public Discipline:

Date Title
04/13/2022 Suspended 2 years less 75 days active suspension
04/13/2022 Davidson County Lawyer Suspended
01/31/2022 Petition for Discipline filed - #2022-3221-5-DB
10/27/2021 Order of Temporary Suspension
10/27/2021 Davidson County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended
06/28/2021 Petition to Revoke Probation filed - #2021-3184-5-DB-14
07/15/2020 Order of Reinstatement
07/15/2020 Williamson County Lawyer Reinstated
05/01/2020 Suspended 2 years with 60 days active suspension and remainder on probation
05/01/2020 Williamson County Lawyer Suspended
08/12/2019 Order
11/08/2017 Petition for Discipline filed - #2017-2785-6-KH
01/13/2017 Williamson County Lawyer Censured
01/11/2017 Public Censure

Names Used:

David Dwayne Harris

* Information accurate as of Wednesday, May 18, 2022 6:00 PM UTC