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The Board of Professional Responsibility is an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. Every licensed attorney in the State of Tennessee is governed by the Board of Professional Responsibility, which provides a wide array of services to attorneys and the public.

Phone Directory

  • Main: (615) 361-7500
  • Toll-free: (800) 486-5714
  • Fax: (615) 367-2480

Individuals at the Board of Professional Responsibility may be contacted by dialing the main telephone number and using the following extensions.

  Name Title Extension Email
  Marsh, Carol Receptionist 200
Registration -
  Leins, Molly Registration Manager 220
  Gaulden, Jr., Reynold Registration Assistant 244
  Gray, Elizabeth Administrative Assistant - Scanning & Registration 202
  White, Lani Registration Assistant 227
Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) -
  Sharpe, Beverly CAP Director/Counsel 226
  Weaver, Cheri CAP Paralegal 208
  Hollars, McKenzie CAP Legal Assistant 255
  Price, Nicholas CAP Legal Assistant (Intake) 257
  Chastain, Laura Ethics Counsel 212
  Garrett, Sandy Chief Disciplinary Counsel/Executive Director 211
  Dunn, Dana Assistant Director 209
  Boyd, Melissa Executive Assistant 204
  Brown, Julie Administrative Assistant Payables Clerk 215
  Thurber, Suzie Administrative Assistant Receivables Clerk 241
  Christopher, Steven Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel - Investigations 203
  Brett, Michael Disciplinary Counsel 237
  Hughes, Maureen Disciplinary Counsel 234
  Smith, Eileen Burkhalter Disciplinary Counsel  210
  Tant-Shafer, Tiffany Disciplinary Counsel 235
  Rooks, Beverly Lead Legal Assistant 233
  Heflin, Kelly Legal Assistant 242
  Radford, Liz Legal Assistant 238
  Stigall, Candis Investigations Case Manager 229
  Willis, Russ Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel - Litigation 236
  Bergeron, Doug Disciplinary Counsel 247
  Fuller, Eric Disciplinary Counsel 243
  Milam, Jim Disciplinary Counsel - Appeals 245
  Piper, Heather Disciplinary Counsel 246
  Sisk, Pennye Paralegal 248
  Dobis, Stephanie Lead Legal Assistant 240
  Del Campo, Jesús Legal Assistant 249
  Radford, Liz Legal Assistant 238
Executive Secretary
  Jennings, Katherine Executive Secretary 206
Information Technology
  Pros, Tony System Administrator 205
  Thornton, Logan Support Technician 207

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Closed on all state holidays


Board of Professional Responsibility

10 Cadillac Dr, Suite 220

Brentwood, TN 37027