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The Board of Professional Responsibility News and Publications are a set of online resources designed to help keep the legal community and the public at large informed of legal happening throughout the state of Tennessee.

Board Notes News Letters
Discover the Board's guide to news and information affecting the legal profession in the State of Tennessee.

Board Meetings
Review the Board's quarterly meeting agenda.

Annual Reports
Review our Annual Report and get the latest trends and analysis for each of the nine Tennessee Disciplinary Districts.

Quarterly Reports
Pursuant to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 4.5(b), the Board quarterly posts a report demonstrating the Board's compliance with operating procedures.

Formal Ethics Opinions
Search our online database of Formal Ethics Opinions.

Disciplinary Actions
Search our online database for judgments and press releases.

Access to Justice Documents
The Tennessee Supreme Court's Access to Justice initiative provides information and other resources to the public and court systems. As an example, here are two publications released in 2013 by the Access to Justice Commission that pertain to self-representation. For more information visit the Access to Justice web site.

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