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Information for Consumers

The Board of Professional Responsibility is dedicated to making a positive and lasting contribution to society by providing assistance to legal professionals and to consumers.

In response to consumer needs, the Board of Professional Responsibility created the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) to help people with questions or problems with their Tennessee lawyer. CAP acts a central intake point for calls and correspondence. Many problems with attorneys can be resolved by providing information, contacting the lawyer, or informally mediating the dispute.

CAP successfully resolves many problems without the filing of a formal complaint, but a matter may be turned over to Disciplinary Counsel for further review if it cannot be resolved in CAP. When serious unethical conduct may be involved, complaints will be referred to Disciplinary Counsel for investigation and possible attorney discipline.

Here are some of our most requested topics:

Resources for When an Attorney Becomes Unable to Continue the Practice of Law

Attorneys and their families may be faced with closing law offices due to the attorney's inability to continue practicing law due to illness, disability, suspension, disbarment, disappearance, or death. Resources attached include excerpts from Supreme Court Rules 8 and 9, ethics opinions, checklists and forms for bar associations, attorneys, family members and interested persons faced with closing a law practice. Rules of Professional Conduct must be followed when applicable.

Five-Year Analysis of Discipline Statistics Now Available

The Board of Professional Responsibility has been tracking the number of complaints submitted, formal charges filed and the resulting dispositions. Click here to view the last five years' statistics, as well as information about administrative suspensions.

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