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Consumer Assistance Program

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) helps people with questions or problems with their Tennessee lawyer. Many problems may be resolved by providing information, contacting the lawyer, or informally mediating the dispute. When serious unethical conduct may be involved, complaints will be referred to Disciplinary Counsel for consideration as to attorney discipline.

Other CAP Consumer Services

CAP is a sort of clearinghouse to identify the client’s problem and find resources which may be able to help. We have an extensive list of government agencies and nonprofit organizations that provide services, including Fee Dispute Committees, Lawyer Referral Services, or a Legal Aid Society.

What CAP Doesn't Do

CAP deals with problems that can be solved without using formal disciplinary procedures. We do not get involved when a caller alleges serious unethical conduct, such as the stealing of client funds.

CAP cannot give legal advice or recommend an attorney, but can provide a list of lawyer referral services.

As we are not a court, we have no jurisdiction to act or assist with motions or petitions. Any motion or petition should be sent to the appropriate court for consideration after consulting with your attorney.

Legal consumers have a separate right of action in law or equity, such as legal malpractice to collect monetary damages, and need independent legal advice. Filing a Complaint or Request for Assistance will not preserve your legal rights and remedies.

CAP Information

File a Request
You may complete a Request for Assistance and return it to:

Consumer Assistance Program
Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee
10 Cadillac Drive, Suite 220
Nashville, TN, 37027

Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct handles complaints about judges’ misconduct. (615)741-2687

Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection to file a claim for lost funds due to dishonest conduct. (615)741-3097

Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP) assists lawyers/judges with emotional illness and/or substance abuse problems. (877)424-8527 Website for the State of Tennessee with information on a variety of services and programs available to Tennesseans. Website for on-line attorney directory to search by location and specialty. Website for Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS), a statewide non-profit organization that seeks to build partnerships to support the delivery of effective civil legal services for low income and elderly Tennesseans.

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