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Information for Attorneys

The Board of Professional Responsibility is dedicated to assisting legal professionals to maintain a high standard of skills and conduct. As part of our ongoing efforts, we've put together some resources that may be useful for attorneys throughout the state.

Attorney Portal
Login into the Board's secure web site and review and even update your registration information. For more information, read the Attorney Portal Help.

Information for New Attorneys
What new attorneys need to know about registering with the Board.

Resources for When an Attorney Becomes Unable to Continue the Practice of Law
Attorneys and their families may be faced with closing law offices due to the attorney's inability to continue practicing law due to illness, disability, suspension, disbarment, disappearance, or death. Resources attached include excerpts from Supreme Court Rules 8 and 9, ethics opinions, checklists and forms for bar associations, attorneys, family members and interested persons faced with closing a law practice. Rules of Professional Conduct must be followed when applicable.

Completed W9 Form
Completed W9 Form for the Board of Professional Responsibility.

Registration Change Frequently Asked Questions
Review frequently asked questions for changes to the registration cycle changes.

Policies and Rules
Review the Board's policies and rules online.

Letters of Good Standing and/or Disciplinary History
Review the Board's policies and rules online.

Approved Banks for IOLTA Accounts
Locate a financial institution that participates in the Tennessee Bar Foundation's IOLTA (Interest On Lawyers' Trust Accounts) program.

Formal Ethics Opinions
Use keywords to search through the Board's online database of Formal Ethics Opinions and review its findings.

Informal Ethics Inquiries
The Board can provide ethical guidance to attorneys who need assistance.

Check Status and Public Discipline of an Attorney
Research an attorney's status and public discipline with the Board's online database.

Attorney Licensure Information
Review Attorney Licensure resources provided by the Board.

Reinstatement Information
Locate information about the reinstatement process to reinstate from an administrative suspension.

Pro Hac Vice Attorneys
Search the Board's online database of Attorneys licensed in jurisdictions who have registered to appear for specific proceedings in the State of Tennessee.

Pro Hac Vice Attorney's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Need to register Pro Hac Vice in the State of Tennessee? These frequently asked questions can help guide you through the process.

Pro Hac Vice Attorney Portal
Login into the Board's secure web site for Pro Hac Vice Attorneys to register, pay your fees, and even update your Pro Hac Vice information. For more information, read the Pro Hac Vice Attorney Portal Help.

Board Notes Newsletter
The Board periodically publishes a newsletter packed with critical information for the legal community in the State of Tennessee. Read the latest edition online.

Rule 44 Intermediary Organizations
View Intermediary Organizations that are registered with the Board and currently in compliance with Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 44.

Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 8)
The ethical standards relating to the practice of law and to the administration of law in the courts of this State are defined and documented in the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee Rule 8.

Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement (Rule 9)
Any attorney admitted to practice law in this State and any attorney specially admitted by a court of this State for a particular proceeding is subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, the Board, the hearing committees,and the Circuit and Chancery Court. To read the prior version of Rule 9, amended on January 1, 2014, click here.

Interest On Lawyers' Trust Accounts
The IOLTA (Interest On Lawyers' Trust Accounts) program is one of the most far-reaching of the Tennessee Bar Foundation.

The Mechanics of Trust Accounting
The Board issued Formal Ethics Opinion 89-F-121 on the Mechanics of Trust Accounting for the consideration of members of the Tennessee Bar by adopting portions of a treatise on Trust and Business Accounting for Attorneys, Second Edition, 1988, by David E. Johnson, Jr., Esquire.

Information about the Professional Privilege Tax
Pursuant to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 26, any attorney who holds an active Tennessee law license is required to pay an annual Professional Privilege Tax to the Department of Revenue. Any attorney who is deemed to be non-compliant for at least two (2) consecutive years is subject to summary suspension. Delinquency Notices have been mailed from the Board of Professional Responsibility with instruction as to (1) the procedure for rectifying the situation with the Department of Revenue and (2) required notification and payment of penalty fee to the Board of Professional Responsibility. Click here if you need a printable version of the Affidavit Establishing Compliance with the Professional Privilege Tax. 2013 - New Electronic Filing Requirements for Professional Privilege Tax.

Professional Privilege Tax - Change in 2013
The Tennessee Department of Revenue has released a notice regarding mandatory electronic tax filing. The notice states that all Professional Privilege Tax returns filed on or after January 1, 2013, must be filed electronically. In addition, the Department of Revenue will not be mailing taxpayers a Professional Privilege Tax Return for the $400 tax due June 1, 2013. For a step-by-step guide to electronically file an individual Professional Privilege Tax return, please visit the Department of Revenue's website at For companies filing and paying for multiple individuals, please go to

Links of Interest for Attorneys
Attorneys may find the following web sites of interest.

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